The Ultimate Transformation Destination For Women 
Press play & watch Fuego CEO & Founder Ingrid Romero's video to learn how she transformed countless lives & why the FUEGO system can change yours too.
Press play & watch Fuego CEO & Founder Ingrid Romero's video to learn how she transformed countless lives & why the FUEGO system can change yours too.
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 Customized training and nutrition plans
for your body type, personality and schedule. Achieve the best shape of your life with an interactive fitness system for women of all ages
Rewire your behavior and reshape your mindset so you can excel in every aspect of life. You have the power to crush all your fitness goals with realistic strategies for a powerful self image.

A sculpted physique, powerful mindset and daily habits will make you healthier and happier. Get guidance, support, and self-help tools to independently thrive mentally and physically.

Ever feel like you’re swimming upstream and getting nowhere? 

-Motivate yourself by your progress to reach your goals
- Have you reached the point where enough is finally enough?
- Does something or someone block your joy and best self?
- Are you longing to love your reflection and self every day?
- Do you want to succeed as an independent woman? 

I know the feeling because I’ve experienced the roller coaster of trauma to triumph––without a parachute. That’s why I offer fitness and mindset coaching to help women release emotional pain and psychological blocks that prevent them from becoming truly independent, fit, and successful. My approach is tailored specifically for women because I believe when we come together to support each other, awesome things can happen.

As a health and business coach with 12+ years of personal and professional experience in the fitness and business world, I built my body, my name, my businesses from the ground up. I left Spain with just a dream and a hardworking mindset, and it has brought me to a life I couldn't have imagined as a child.

This is not to say it’s all been sunshine and roses....

I've discovered that happiness and success are ephemeral, and adversities are virtually inevitable. I've learned that it's not about holding on to good moments, but cherishing them and trusting they will return. It's about knowing when to yield, when to fight, and when to move on. Only then can you master the ocean, ride the waves and flow with the tide to the next high. Nothing can break you unless you let it, and I'm living proof that you can build yourself up again and again!

And just like a muscle, you get stronger each time. 

So, what’s in it for me? Your success! 

I want to see you succeed as an empowered, independent, liberated woman who loves herself and is ready to conquer the world - not just in your fitness goals, but in all areas of your life. 

You are capable of more than what you think and I will work tirelessly to help you achieve all of your dreams. With my guidance and your commitment bolstered by a fierce female fam, anything is possible. 

By facing your fears and stepping on the gas, you will be unstoppable.

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About My Services 

I am dedicated to improving every aspect of your life. It doesn't matter if you're trying to become an IFBB bikini PRO or if you just want to feel good about yourself again. I've got your back the whole way!

You will Achieve More Than Weight Loss

In addition to my Personalized Program helping you achieve your body goals, you will also have increase sleep quality, improved digestion, enhanced mental clarity, increased energy, glowing skin, improved libido & habit management.
You will roll the clock back to become the best version of yourself! 

I can help you:

  • Get in amazing shape while transforming your mindset
  • Build inner and outer strength with a powerful support system
  • Change your patterns  restructure your life, and improve your health
  • Take control of your eating habits  with customized nutrition
  • Lose weight, build muscle and burn fat while eating real food
  • Train in a fun and effective way that suits your lifestyle 
  • Learn to discipline your mindset and push through discomfort 
  • Break free from negative situations, patterns, and people
  • Motivate yourself by your progress to reach your goals

Why Do We Gain Weight?

Disease-related causes:

  • Hypothyroid
  • Vitamin D or iron deficiency (anemia)
  • Overproduction of cortisol hormone with the glands
  • ​Ovarian cysts in women
  • ​Hormonal disorders: Menopause / Andropause
  • ​Genetic predisposition

Other reasons:

  • Unhealthy eating habits
  • Sedentary lifestyle
  • Not drinking enough water
  • Excessive alcohol consumption
  • ​Increased appetite after quitting smoking
  • ​Stress, depression and sleep disorders
  • ​Use of steroids, birth control pills and similar drugs

Do any these issues sound familiar?

  • Super slow metabolism, thyroid problems
  • Irregular periods
  • Crazy cravings that lead to binge eating
  • You get sick often, inflammation, aches, & pains
  • ​Depression, Fatigue, Stress, No sex drive
  • ​Bad mood often, not able to focus

YOU FEEL DISCOURAGED BECAUSE NOTHING HAS WORKED IN THE PAST…the good news is that you can overcome this with Fit & Fuego. 

Are you ready to get Fit & Fuego?

Follow these steps:

1- Choose the coaching category that best fits your goals
2- Set up a consultation to discuss your objectives
3- Commit to your individual plan and change your life 


Which one is right for you?


Wanting to transform your body but not looking to compete? This is the program for you. If your want to shed body fat and achieve a more fit and toned physique, plus improve your overall health and feel great about your body then our program is for you! We will teach you how to make healthy and positive changes to your eating and exercise habits. You will experience the freedom, energy and happiness of a fit and healthy lifestyle.
Our nutrition programs are balanced and custom made for you. Strength training and cardio are progressive throughout the transformation period in order to get you to your goal as quickly as possible! Whether you have 100+ pounds to lose or want to shed that last 10-15 to get to your goal, this program will get you there.

$299 / month (Billed every 4 weeks -Cancel anytime after 3 months)

12 weeks is $800 (Savings of $97)
16 weeks is $1,000 (Savings of $196)
6 months is $1,400 (Savings of $394) 
1 year is $2,800 Savings of $788) 


Preparing for a bikini or wellness contest can be intimidating, especially if it’s your first time. There are so many vital components necessary for bringing to the stage a lean, dense, full, and beautiful bikini body that it’s very easy to become both confused and overwhelmed.
I have competed in 8 bodybuilding competitions and earned my IFBB PRO status, directly worked with clients all over the world (novice to pro level) assisting in their contest prep for 12-plus years. While each of us is unique in the way we respond to specific diets, training programs, and supplement regimens, I have been able to create a sensible, efficient, and healthy foundation protocol that will help you hit the stage with the kind of physique that will definitely grab the judges attention! Pricing is a bit higher than our lifestyle program because it covers peak week programming, show support and many other contest prep features mentioned below in the "features" section of this website.

$399 / month (Billed every 4 weeks -Cancel anytime after 3 months)

12 weeks is $1,100 (Savings of $97)
16 weeks is $1,300 (Savings of $296)
6 months is $1,700 (Savings of $694) 
1 year is $3,400 Savings of $1,388) 

NUTRITION ONLY - a one-size-fits-only-you approach to nutrition

Done with restrictive dieting? Ditch it for good.You will have the same benefits as our other programs but without the training portion. There’s no doubt that macro-based diets are on the rise so we will teach you about energy, carbohydrate, protein, fat, and fiber intake so you can learn more about how food affects your body and what a balanced diet looks like. Eating the right macronutrient balance can improve appetite, hormones, energy levels, and nutrient consumption. With all of this being said, simply giving you a set of macro numbers to hit and sending them off to figure out how to hit them is not the most helpful approach...
Providing a personalized meal plan that shows you how simple and fun it can be to hit your targets will be a game-changer to keep you, on-track to reach your goals.
You will have a Dedicated nutrition coach, Weekly accountability check-ins, Unlimited coach messaging and support, Members-only community access, Personalized nutrition and lifestyle advice, Ongoing nutrition education & Exclusive content including recipes, mindset training and more

$159 / month (Billed every 4 weeks - cancel anytime after 3 months)

12 weeks is $449 (Savings of $28) / 6 months is $849 (Savings of $105) /1 year is $1649 Savings of $259 


Are you a health & fitness coach or a personal trainer working your butt off, day in and day out, but still not seeing the return you’re looking for? Is your fitness business maxed out and doesn’t seem to grow no matter HOW hard you hustle? 
If you’re sick of trading too much TIME for too little MONEY apply for our FUEGO CEO program

For our FUEGO CEO program pricing visit our website here.


Are serious about your fitness journey and making a career change? You want to make your health & fitness business grow, get in shape at the same time or even step onto the competitive stage. Our Business + Lifestyle / Contest Prep Program gives you the best of both worlds!

For our FUEGO CEO program pricing visit our website here, if you choose the combo of customized training & fuego CEO program we will offer you a generous discount during our consultation.
If you’re doubting yourself (again) or hesitating to take the scary step you need… let me just say, I understand. I know what it’s like to wait, hope, and get stuck in denial because I did that for too long! 

But get this: you are in charge! 

ONLY YOU can choose to overcome that fear and start feeling powerful, or stay in a comfort zone that’s toxic to your health and happiness. Your future is your own to design, and I am privileged to help you do that. 
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We're pumped to announce that our team @fit_andfuego #teamfuego is now part of the Musclecontest and Spectrum Productions family for the 2023 season 🥳
We're beyond honored and ready to bring our A-game to make this year unforgettable!

We can't wait to see you all at the Musclecontest and Spectrum shows! You'll find us backstage with our amazing clients, cheering from the front row, and hanging out at the FUEGO booth, where we'll be excited to meet and greet every single one of you ❤️ 
Let's make 2023 a year to remember
Read This...
Read My Story... 
From The Desk Of Ingrid Romero
Los Angeles, California  
From The Desk Of Ingrid Romero
Los Angeles, California  
Look, I get it—you may look at me and see a glammed up fitness model with flawless makeup, a perfect body, and an ideal life.

Well, I’m here to tell you to that there is more to all this than what people see in the highlight reel. In fact, you and I are probably more alike than you think.

In my teens & early twenties, I was overweight, unhealthy, and totally miserable.  

I was having epic binge sessions every week while everyone in my house was asleep only to starve myself the next day and repeat the cycle over and over again

I would turn to fad diets thinking, 'This will be the one that changes everything and gives me results', but I was always let down and feeling like a failure for it. 

From cayenne pepper and maple syrup to extreme restrictive dieting I learned that the best way to create results was by finding something I could maintain for life and which actually inspired me and made me feel amazing from the inside out...
19 years old; epic binge sessions and an unhealthy lifestyle centered around food, partying, and drinking
If someone had told me back then that I would one day be running a fitness empire while raising twin boys, I would probably have laughed in their face and told them to get real.

See, I KNOW how it feels to be unhappy with your body, but I am living proof that with the right support system, anything is possible. 

Not only did I lose 50 pounds and get into the best shape of my life TWICE, I went on to become an international published fitness model who’s been featured in countless magazines like Oxygen and on major networks including ABC television while we simultaneously built one of the largest body transformation teams in the entire country.
1 day postpartum vs 4 months postpartum
"Well Now I  Am Ready To Share My Secrets With You!"
So that YOU can experience the same inner and outer transformation as not just me, but millions of other women whom have benefited from my professional knowledge and personal experience.

If I can raise twin boys while running not ONE but THREE businesses and look like this—so can you. 

When people told me my body would never be the same after having kids I was TERRIFIED - but after my twins were born prematurely, I proved them all wrong despite having all odds against me. Your body will change throughout life, that’s inevitable.  The key is to support these changes by tuning in and adapting, including how often and the way you work out.

1 month postpartum vs now
"I Started Out Just Like You, Feeling Overwhelmed, Lost and Looking For Answers.
Now I Teach Thousands of People How To Achieve Their Lifetime Dream Body and Lifestyle!"
Show up however you want! Feel Sexy AGAIN!
Do you feel like you're ready to let go of excuses and finally change your life for the good? 

I will give you all the tools to achieve the body of your dreams right now.

Join my community today and get access to my custom workouts and nutrition plans that will take you from A to Z no matter your goal, fitness level, or equipment access. 

Not only that, but you will be part of a welcoming online community that includes women from all walks of life.

The catch? 

There is none. 

Believe it or not, but the only thing I want in return is your TIME and dedication to YOURSELF. 

Let’s do this—I can’t wait to meet the new you!
- Ingrid Romero
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Personalized Online
Nutrition Program
  • Personalized nutrition program
  • Plans adjusted weekly or as needed depending on your progress
  • ​Custom designed to help you meet your current physique goal
  • ​Vegan, Keto, Gluten Free, Pescatarian, Regular Meal and other Options available
  • ​Customized macro (IIFYM) nutrition plans to create sustainable long terms lifestyle changes
  • ​Meal plans available if prefered meal plans over macros diet plans
  • ​Supplements: You will receive supplement counselling based on your needs and current goals. Learn which supplements you need and when you should be taking them for optimal results!.
Personalized Online
Training Program
  • Personalized strength training and cardio program with exercise demos by Ingrid of every single move with form tips.
  • Plans adjusted weekly or as needed depending on your progression.
  • ​Custom designed to help you meet your current physique goal. Plans based on clients muscle distribution
  • ​Immediate access to your updated program via mobile and desktop app
  • ​Follow along cardio & lifting routines created for days when you need extra motivation 
  • ​If bikini or wellness competitor carefully planned & monitored peak week, show day and post show planning
Weekly Mind & Body Progress Evaluations
  • Support & Communication with Ingrid and coaches.
  • ​Use our mobile Fit & Fuego coaching app to send weekly progress pictures. 
  • ​Have a quick question? No problem, we will get right back to you within 1-24 hrs!
  • ​Instant messaging and correspondence as needed, we are here to serve you.
The Power of Mastering 
Your Mind
  • Meditation Program for Manifesting Your Dream Body and abundance (audio, workbook, and affirmation phone wallpapers included)
  • ​Workbook of Daily Rituals & Manifestation Routines for Personal Development & Creating Your Best Life with Law of Attraction video lessons by Ingrid
  • ​Vision Board Training & Self Esteem Program
  • ​Ingrid personal morning routine to unlock energy
  • ​Ingrid personal night routine to detoxify and muscle soothe.
Exclusive Accountability
Facebook Group
  • Interactive workshops, Q&A's and motivation from your coaches in our private Facebook group
  • Peer support, sweaty selfies, advice from your coaches, and questions answered in real time! We are here to help you!
  • ​Access to complimentary LIVE workouts with Ingrid via Zoom and our FB group. 
  • ​Access to our Private Facebook Support Group “Team Fuego”
Nutrition Education
  • Habit Coaching via Fit & Fuego app.
  • ​Meal Prep Instruction
  • ​Spices & Condiments: Learn which spices you can use to spice up all your favorite meals. ​The items share here pack on flavor but not calories to your meals
  • ​Cooking Recommendations and Recipes
  • ​How to Guide for Eating at Chain Restaurants; Recommended menu items and best practices for ordering wherever you go
  • ​Food Swap Guide: When you receive your nutrition plans there may be some food choices you want to swap. There are 5 categories in our exchange list. They include meats, vegetables, fruits & fruit juices, starches & grains and finally fats.
  • ​Mantain Your Body Guide: Learn how to maintain your hard earned work with our maintenance guide.
Members App 
  • Have an emergency? Reach out through our app to send a quick  message
  • ​Our app is perfect to communicate 1-ON-1 with your coach as emails can get lost.
  • ​You can leave text messages through the mobile or desktop app.
  • ​24-hour access to your nutrition plan, exercise plan, mindset tools and your coach. It’s like having your coach right there with you throughout the day! We respond within 1/24 hours max.
Bonus Competition
  • For our Competitors we have create a special "Competition Day Checklist" to make sure you don't for get any essentials on your big day
  • ​Posing Tips, Video instructions and discounted posing classes.
  • ​Backstage pump up protocol
  • ​Reverse protocol
  • ​Advice on heels and Jewelry
  • ​Tanning and Make up advice
Bonus Journal
  • We are also including a complimentary Food, business and Mood Journal
  • ​These are sheets you can print out to track your daily activities and progress
  • ​Journal sheets include: Meal Planner, Goal Tracker, and Mindset Reminders to keep you on track to elevate your lifestyle and achieve your goals
Once you join our Team #fitandfuego you can print THE PLANNER at home and have it ready to go in minutes. the best way to improve your health is to improve your mind. Having a positive mindset changes what you do, the excuses you tell yourself, the effort you give and the choices you make.
You might be aware of the basics about using a daily planner, but have still not discovered the many MINDSET benefits EVERYONE INCLUDING YOU SHOULD JOURNAL.


Once you join our team FIT & FUEGO you can print our journal at home and have it ready to go in minutes.
You might be aware of the basics about using a journal, but have still not discovered the many benefits, everyone–including you–should start using a life, food & mindset  journal!⁣

WATCH THIS VIDEO TO LEARN THE BENEFITS everyone–including you–should start using a journal!⁣

Why the name Fuego?

FIT & FUEGO was born as a result of life changes that made me re-imagine all of my business endeavors. The name FUEGO means fire in my native Spanish, which represents the energy I want to bring into the future

Fire has a multifaceted meaning––it can warm us, bring light, and destroy what no longer serves us to create space for new growth. 

Like many other women, I have endured fire to get where I am.

Why are the letters FU and EGO highlighted in the logo?

FU+EGO means you can actually do it on your own 
––that it’s ok to break free, be proud, and love yourself unconditionally. 

The Fit & Fuego Mission

FIT & FUEGO aims to empower women to become independent, take control of their lives and finances, and feel unapologetically sexy with an amazing body that matches their inner strength.

The sexy vixen in the logo is her: 

A liberated woman who’s empowered to do hard things... like start again.


The unique system our Fuego Girls are using to build the body & career of their dreams  

The phases below are adjusted for all fitness levels from beginner to advanced.


The unique system our Fuego Girls are using to build the body & career of their dreams  

The phases below are adjusted for all fitness levels from beginner to advanced.
PHASE 1: Building Strength
The first weeks of your program you will train utilizing both single and compound exercises to achieve balance, symmetry and soon enough, size -and by size I mean sculpted, sexy muscles that will fill out your skin and make you look strong, firm and perky in all the right places!
Make sure to go heavy enough that you feel challenged at the end of each set, but are still able to perform full range of motion without joint or ligament pain. As women, we are often taught from an early age to make ourselves small (and as a result weak!), which is why the feeling of getting stronger physically can be extremely empowering in more ways than one. Just you wait...there is more of that to come!
Get the most out of it before we increase the volume in phase 2!
PHASE 2: Pyramid Sets
Now that you have built some foundational strength, it’s time to kick things up a notch.
We’re aiming for a number of things moving forward, including building up your cardiovascular endurance and functional strength, as well as burning fat while preserving muscle tone. This is why we are introducing High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT), plyometric workouts and so called pyramid sets during this phase.
If you have limiting mobility issues, joint pain or injuries, our system is personalized so you get optimal low-impact workouts that are gentle on your body.
Pyramid training is a basic but highly effective method for increasing strength and muscle mass, while also having the great advantage of providing an intense conditioning workout that burns fat rapidly. Since HIIT training also has the terrific ability to break down adipose tissue while sparing muscle mass and training short muscle fibers, these two forms of exercise go perfectly together when aiming to get strong and ripped!
If you feel like you’ve bulked up a bit, don’t sweat it (pun not intended...), because you will soon lose enough fat to reveal the glorious reality of your new sculpted physique.
I’ve coached countless girls through every part of their fitness journey, so trust me... I know what I’m talking about!
PHASE 3: Drop Sets
Drop sets consist of around 3-5 sets of one exercise, performed without rest, and using a lighter weight each descending set.
They are terrific when you’re short on time as they rapidly push your muscles to failure while getting your heart rate pumping enough to result in a terrific after burn.
The reason why they work so well to increase muscle growth is that you force your body to switch muscle fibers by lowering the weight.
Drop sets consist of around 3-5 sets of one exercise, performed without rest, and using a lighter weight each descending set. If you stay with the same weight throughout on the other hand, you will only work on the same fibers and growth is thereby stalled. The first set should be your heaviest, and each successive one should be perform until failure.
PHASE 4: Endurance & Cardio Intensity
The leaning out diet alone will have a great impact on your body composition, and this phase of the workout program will rev your metabolism up like crazy!
At this point, you have built up strength, muscle endurance and cardiovascular capacity, and are ready for some optimizing plyometric training to increase explosive power and blast those fat pockets! If you have limiting mobility issues, joint pain or injuries, our system is personalized so you get optimal low-impact plyometric training that is gentle on your body.
The great thing about plyometric exercises is that they stimulate several different muscle groups at the same time, and albeit often used to improve athletic performance, they are excellent for fat loss, strength and endurance as well. To really peak your physique we will focus on large muscle groups and high-rep compound exercises.
This intense but effective combination will make sure your body maintains muscle and utilizes fat for fuel, as opposed to protein and carbs, during the cut phase of your program. The most important thing is to make sure you stay in the fat burning zone by monitoring your heart rate the entire time.
Meet Your Coaching Team
Meet Your Coaching Team
Meet Ingrid,
Founder, Fit & Fuego
  • Won the overall title at the famous Arnold Sports Festival in 2010, where she gained IFBB PRO status after competing against hundreds of bikini competitors from all over the world.
  • Co-founded Team Edge contest prep and lifestyle nutrition & training team in 2010 and grew it into one of the largest transformation teams in the world with helping tens of thousands of clients achieve the body of their dreams. I now have created Fit & Fuego in 2022.
  • Founded the brand Ingrid Romero Bikinis in 2010 and built it into one of the most successful and popular bikini lines in the Fitness industry. 
  • Founded the women’s health and fitness supplement line Edge Supps in 2016. I now have created a new supplement line for feminine care named 365 HER in 2022.
  • Known as one of the best posing and fitness coaches both in the US and internationally, Ingrid has trained thousands of bikini competitors to win overall titles and helped hundreds of them gain IFBB professional status.
  • Recognized worldwide as one of the most sought after models, online influencers and trainers in the world, she has graced the cover of over 20 magazines and been featured in countless major publications, including Oxygen, FitnessRX, Chicago Tribune, Muscle & Fitness Hers, Iron Man Magazine and many more.
  • Frequently featured in national and international media as a fitness expert, she has appeared in numerous national and international television programs including ABC news and Telemundo.
  • Mother 1st: While to all appearances a hardworking businesswoman and incurable entrepreneur, the thing that truly defines Ingrid more than anything is the tireless dedication to her family. Despite a packed schedule and days that never seem to slow down, Ingrid makes it a top priority to spend quality time with their twin boys Nicco and Gianni.
  • FUEGO CEO Bizz Coach, Ingrid guides female health Coaches into taking action & Making Money Online by marketing their business. Click here Often times Ingrid does combo packages of both Fit & Fuego program and Fuego CEO business coaching.
This is your time
You wake up in the morning, look in the mirror and feel an overwhelming sense of shame. You use to be outgoing, confident girl. You loved to dress up and dance the night away. As you get older motherhood or your career is tiring and you don't have much time to workout. Year on year without you knowing the weight has crept on. Suddenly you realize that your clothes don't fit, that you don't like being naked in front of your partner. You dress yourself in baggy clothes, you avoid social occasions, you push your partner away.


You hit rock bottom and I am here to tell you that you can fix that! You just need to let me help you, get out of your way and let me!
IT'S TIME TO... Take back control of your health and body.


Tired of taking care of everyone’s needs but your own?
Running low on time and energy to prioritize yourself?
Missing the professional tools and support to succeed?
Lacking the confidence to wear anything you want?
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THINK LIKE A QUEEN - You Are What You Think

It takes a lot of determination to follow the often windy path of transformation. Even the most bad ass, positive, go-getting FUEGO girls we coach experience uncertainty - in fact it's perfectly normal to have your internal naysayer creep out from time to time.
The key is to know how to talk back to it and move on. 
Let's do this QUEENS!

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I present testimonials and insights about other people’s experiences with my website for purposes of illustration only. The testimonials, examples, and photos used are of actual clients. They are not intended to represent or guarantee that current or future clients will achieve the same or similar results; rather, these testimonials represent what is possible for illustrative purposes only. 

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